Inception Lighting Installation

Lighting Solution For Every Occasion

Inception Lighting is a cost effective & efficient way to light your business or home. LED Lighting will help you attract more business while also helping you realize savings through substantially lower energy consumption and less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions while protecting the environment at the same time.

With 1000’s of LED colors to choose from Inception LED Lighting is a great way to celebrate; Game Days, Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions. Key benefits of choosing Inception LED Lighting is the Cloud Based Control Solutions, you can customize your lighting from any smart device, real time control from anywhere, and you can manage lighting for multiple properties.

Inception LED Lighting is a one time installation and very low maintenance when compared to traditional lighting solutions.  LED Lighting is the perfect non-invasive lighting solution that has a lifespan of 10 or more years, lowering the risk of potential fall accidents exponentially.  Unlike traditional lighting solutions that require multiple installations and takedowns a year.

The Great Features of Inception LED Lighting:


  • The exterior LED lights will improve night visibility, making employees and customers feel safe and comfortable.
  • The system’s calendar scheduling capability allows you to program 12 months of colors and light sequences to celebrate events and holidays.
  • Multiple systems can be controlled through a single device and synchronized through a real-time clock so programs run seamlessly.
  • Your carbon footprint will be lowered because our product consumes 90 percent less electricity than traditional string lights.
  • The long life of the product reduces the impact on landfills.



As a Certified Inception Lighting Installer, we under go intense and detailed Hands-On training annually to ensure our technicians are armed with the best practices and procedures the industry can offer.  As part of our Inception Lighting certified training our technicians are trained not only in making sure your property is safely & efficienlty decorated we ensure you have full understanding of just what Inception LED Lighting can bring to your business or property. 

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