Residential Power Washing Services

House Washing & Roof Cleaning

We use a soft washing technique that allows safe removal of all mold, algae, and dirt using low pressure & safe bio-degradable chemicals that do not harm the environment.  We only use the most up to date professional power washing equipment to make sure we provide our customer with the very best results.

Concrete & Sidewalks

Mold, algae, and rust removal from brick, concrete, and vinyl siding are some of the biggest problems home owners face.  At Jake’s our professional technicians are trained on the correct cleaning procedures to ensure our customers get the very best outcome. 

Deck Cleaning & Staining

Using our soft-washing method we safely and effectively clean and restore your wood decking, patio, pergola, or fencing.  We also offer professional wood restoration staining & sealing.  All staining and sealing products we use at Jake’s Under Pressure are professional grade products and are safe for your home and family.


Commercial Power Washing Services

We provide professional exterior building washing to help restore and maintain the cleanliness of your business.  We have several commercial power washing  maintenance plans to ensure your commercial property stays looking smart, clean, and professional.   

It is important to any business to ensure sidewalks & walkways are cleaned on a regular basis to minimize the risk of injury due to falling.  Our professional technicians take great care to be sure that all sidewalks are clear of any dirt, grime, algae, and gum to ensure your customers safety. 


Jake’s Under Pressure provides professional purified exterior window cleaning.  Utilizing the most up to date window cleaning technology we will have your windows shining like new.   By using our purified water filtration equipment we guarantee your windows to be free from dirt, streaking, spots, and fingerprints.


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